Three reasons to choose a duvet.


Reason 1: The fluffy duvet is more durable.

Did you know that the most important thing that affects the warmth and use time of a quilt is the bulkiness and resilience of the fibers. Once the fiber is no longer fluffy, then the quilt will lose its thermal properties, which is no different from covering a sheet of iron. 

The biggest difference between the duvet and other fibers of a duvet is its spherical structure. Other fibers are of linear structure and are most prone to knotting, while duvet will not be inherently knotted, and even if it is used for a long time, it will not affect the fluffy feeling.

Reason 2: Duvet is waterproof and more durable.

We should be well aware that most of the sweat a person excretes overnight is basically absorbed by the padding fibers in the quilt. As the time goes,you will find that the quilt becomes less and less warm, thicker, lacks fluff, and needs sun exposure to keep it fluffy.

But the duvet is different, the surface is covered with a thin layer of oil, which can play a waterproof role. You can see ducks or geese swimming in the water and when they come ashore their fur is clean and free of water spots. Therefore, duvet with better water repellency has a longer service life and a more warm effect.

Reason 3: Duvet can be refurbished and recycled.

You may not know that the biggest difference between duvets and other quilts is that they can be refurbished. If you feel that the fabric of the duvet is old and want to change it, you can take out the duvet and stuff it into the newly made quilt.So that the duvet actually adds a few years to its lifespan!

In addition to being durable, a duvet also has a lot of convenience.

  • For example, it does not take up space and is easy to store. If you choose duvets and down pillows in the small bedroom, you can put the quilts and pillows away when you get up in the morning to expand the space of the entire bedroom.

  • The duvet is easy to clean. The so-called cleaning here refers to occasional cleaning. The quilt and pillow will use the quilt cover and the pillowcase, and only these two pieces can be cleaned frequently. Duvet doesn't need to be washed as often as it wicks away sweat and breathes on its own.

  • And duvets are of higher value, with a variety of colors and unique shapes. Compared with quilts made of other materials, the styles are more abundant and diverse, which can enhance the overall style of the room.

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